Nissan may be reviving the 240SX

Rumours are flying around saying that Nissan may be reviving the 240SX (Also known as the Silvia).

According to rumours, the car will hit the market around 2011 or 2012. It will be based on the FM platform, which currently underpins the Nissan 370z and Infiniti G. There will be a 2+2 seating arrangement, and it should weigh just under 1300kg. It will have the same setup as the old 240SX, front engine, rear wheel drive. The engine is rumoured to be a turbocharged 1.8L I4 putting out 200hp. A naturally aspirated version should also be available to keep entry level cost low. The 0-60mph time of the turbo model should be about six or seven seconds. Plenty of optional extras will be offered, including a flamboyant body kit.

The body of the car will be loosely based on the Nissa Fiora concept car (Pictured above).

A move like this seems possible with cars like the Toyota FT-86 and the Honda CR-Z on the way, and the likes of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe already out there. Rumours like these have been out there for ages though, and nothing so far, so we’ll have to hear official word from Nissan before we can be sure of this.

Source: Inside Line via Inside Line Blog via Autoblog

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