Mini rolls out "Moke" concept ahead of Detroit Auto Show

Shortly after rumours of a “Moke” concept coming up, Mini has rolled out this very concept and they have called it the Beachcomber Concept.

As the rumours suggested, the concept looks similar to the Mini Crossover Concept, which is what the upcoming Mini R60 Countryman should be based around. The promised rugged off-road look, open-top aspect and ALL4 all-wheel-drive system are all there too, but the interior doesn’t look stripped out to me like the rumours suggested. This could change if the car goes into production though.

The car measures 13 feet in length (Just under 4 metres). It has reinforced A- and D-pillars for protection in the case of a rollover. Lightweight technology has been used to help lower its centre of gravity.

The interior gets a centre mounted speedometer in typical Mini fashion, several loudspeakers, and tools for off-roading such as a compass. The trim surfaces are finished in a magnetic paint to create a special touch of flowing liquidity. The top can be covered with a soft roof.

The car will be shown live at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

It looks quite interesting, but I reckon getting something like this into production with today’s health and safety rules would be very hard. If they can though, I’d love to see it.

Source: MotorAuthority

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