Spyker tries to purchase Saab once more

Spyker is having another stab at purchasing Saab, making General Motors yet another offer.

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The bid hasn’t been complete yet, but General Motors has set Spyker a deadline of January 7th to get it in. Details haven’t be revealed yet. Spyker is very confident that this deal will go through, they’ve even come up with a product plan already.

This product plan would have the 9-3 sedan and wagon, 9-5 sedan and wagon, and 9-4X crossover. The planned 9-1 minicar would be delayed until more money is available for development. Saab HQ would remain in Trollhatten, Sweden, and all cars, except for the 9-4X, would be produced there. The 9-4X would be produced at GM’s plant in Mexico.

A decision on Spyker’s deal could come very shortly after the January 7th deadline according to MotorAuthority.

To help save Saab, Saab owners gathered at GM’s headquarters in Detroit today to have a rally. Only about 50 people turned up, but there was plenty of media there covering it, so the voices of those owners have definitely been heard.

You, too, can help save Saab. Head over here for more details.

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