Tuned Car of the Year: Winner

Although very late, we admit, we finally reveal our Car of the Year winners with one category presented each day. We begin with the Tuned Car of the Year.

And the winner is:

Autodelta’s Alfa Romeo Brera S

Yes, we know it’s front-wheel drive and yes we know it’s not as fast nor does it handle as well as the MTM RS6 R. But the Audi will never look as good and never will it be so mad as the Alfa. 347 horsepower and a massive 322 Nm torture the front wheels constantly. It also has that special Italian something, that really special feeling which few other cars can have.

Runner Up: MTM RS6 R

No need to explain why the MTM Audi RS6 was a good enough car to make our runner-up spot. Not only is it a practical family car, but with 702hp and 785nm, it reached 344km/h at the Nardo speed bowl. The most interesting bit is that MTM can produce an even more powerful version of the already insane Audi.

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