Lexus LFA to race in Nurburgring 24h race, spawning Nurburging Track Edition of road car

Gazoo Racing will be fielding two Lexus LFAs in this year’s 24 Hours of Nurburgring. This will be the production car’s first professional race, and quite a big one.

Before the production LFA, a pre-production version participated in the race twice. The production car gets some aerodynamic tweaks to be prepared for the big race. Piloting the cars will be Takayuki Kinoshita, Akira Ida, Juichi Wakisaka, Kazuya Oshima, Armin Hahne, Jochen Krumbach and Andre Lotterer.

The racing car will spawn a special edition of the road car meant for track days: the Nurburgring Track Edition. The car hasn’t yet been officially unveiled, but pictures and details have leaked onto the internet. Changes will include a fixed rear wing, larger front spoiler, sportier suspension, high grip tires and an extra 10 hp from the engine. Also, shift times have been made quicker. It will only come in four colours: black, matte black, white, and the orange seen in the pictures.

We’ll make sure you find out about any official announcement. Until then, have a closer look at the LFA race car and Nurburgring Track Edition in the gallery below.

Source: Lexus Enthusiast and レクサスとの道[LEXUS] (translated) via Lexus Enthusiast

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