Mugen releases accessory line for Honda CR-Z

Mugen has officially released their accessory line for the Honda CR-Z. We first got a glimpse of it when a brochure was leaked back in December, but now we have proper photos and info from Mugen.

The car gets plenty of bits on the exterior. Side skirts, new front and rear fascia, an enormous roof-mounted rear wing, a new grille with optional LED lamps, triangular exhaust tips, and several alloy wheel options. Oh, and you can’t forget the carbon fibre license plate holder.

The interior gets some bits and pieces as well. There’s an aluminum shifter knob, a central cluster with three gauges, Mugen floor mats, and to add that touch of speed, a carbon fibre rearview mirror.

It’s not all show and no go though, as you can order some accessories to improve the performance of your CR-Z. There’s a cat-back exhaust system, upgraded springs and shocks and a full set of new brake pads.

The kit looks pretty good to me. Have a better look yourself in the gallery below.

Source: Autoblog

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