2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet specs leaked

Specifications for the 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet drag racer have been leaked.

The 2012 model will have a revised version of the supercharged 5.4L V8, with an aluminum block and 430 hp. It also gets new, low-drag brakes from Strange Engineering, updated upper and lower rear control arm mounts, new spring rates on all four corners, and new wheels and tires.

The Cobra Jet will also be available with an optional graphics package and upgraded supercharger. The supercharger will have to be installed manually, and while it hasn’t been said how much power will be produced with it, expect it to be more than the 500 horsepower the 2010 upgrade put out.

Only 50 units of the 2012 model will be produced. You can find out more details in the leaked spec sheet below.

Spec Sheet

  • Only 50 units produced for 2012MY
  • Serialized for collectability with exclusive content only available on turn-key cars – branded wheels, center caps and badging exclusive to Cobra Jet!
  • Off-road only and legal for NHRA Stock Eliminator and classes in IHRA and NMRA.
  • Unparalleled performance – won more class run-offs at the 2010 Indy U.S. Nationals than any other vehicle model and has delivered consistent performance en route to National and Divisional race wins!
  • Current NHRA record holder SS/AA, SS/DA, AA/S, AA/SA, A/SA (as of 9-19-10)

2012 Cobra Jet Content:

New for 2012MY:

    • Revised 5.4L supercharged engine – different specifications/rating than 2008/2010 model
    • Aluminum engine block
    • Double keyed crankshaft snout
    • Manley H-beam rods
    • Improved low-drag racing brakes – Strange Engineering
    • Improved rear suspension w/revised rear upper control arm and lower control arm mounts
    • Revised and optimized spring rates front and rear
    • New design black anodized Cobra Jet wheels – Weld Racing
    • Goodyear tires – all new DR compound – Cobra Jet branded
    • Brake pedal 2-step switch (micro)
    • Optional colors – Race Red, Grabber Blue, and Winner White – no additional charge


    • 430hp 5.4L DOHC supercharged engine (aluminum block)
    • 2.3L TVS Supercharger with twin 65mm dual bore throttle body
    • 3-Speed C4 Auto Race Transmission – Joel’s on Joy
    • 9″ rear axle w/4.29:1 Axle Ratio – Strange Engineering


    • NHRA Stock Eliminator legal interior
    • 8.50et NHRA certified roll cage
    • Estimated weight of 3,200 lbs
    • Cobra Jet trim and appearance package
    • Drag race wheel/tire combination (Rear Tire 30.0 x 9.0)
    • Cobra Jet spring/adjustable damper tuning
    • Light-weight, low-drag brakes (manual)

Colors: Race Red, Grabber Blue, Winner White

2012 Mustang Cobra Jet

Order Guide and Specifications

Optional Graphics Package:

MSRP $1,995.00

Includes: Powered-By-Ford fender emblems, Sweeping Snake side graphics, 5.4 Cobra Jet hood graphics, Ford Racing windshield header decal, Ford oval front fascia decals, Ford oval license plate decal, FR500CJ decklid decal.

Optional graphics may be unique to Cobra Jet body color.

Optional 4.0L Supercharger upgrade – M-6066-SCJ

MSRP $9,995.00

  • Step up to the most powerful combination in NHRA Super Stock. The 500hp 4.0L supercharged 2010 Cobra Jet has delivered mid-8 et’s, Class champions, divisional race winners and national records all in its first year on track!
  • Ford Racing offers their exclusive upgrade kit to the base 2012 Cobra Jet for the racer looking to perform at the highest levels of NHRA Super Stock Competition.
  • Kit includes supercharger, billet throttle-body, complete inlet system with 140mm billet mass-air housing, installation instructions, and exclusive Ford Racing race-ready calibration.
  • Final horsepower rating TBD, rating will differ from 500hp 2010 model.
  • 4.0L Supercharger upgrade is delivered separately and must be installed by the end user.

1/ All Pricing is F.O.B. Michigan. Pick-up/Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Dealer/End Purchaser

Specifications and Pricing are Subject to Change. Any changes will be reviewed with you to re-confirm any orders

Source: Micasa Ford

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