Honda reveals Brio city car prototype at Thailand International Motor Show

Honda has revealed a prototype city car they call the Brio at the Thailand International Motor Show.

While Honda makes no mention of it in the press release, the car is likely the production-bound evolution of Honda’s New Small Concept. Not only do they look similar, but the Brio is planned for sales in India and Thailand, the two markets Honda confirmed for the New Small Concept early this year at the New Delhi Auto Expo.

Honda is targeting a fuel economy better than 5 litres per 100 km (About 47 mpg), qualifying the Brio as an “eco-car” under Thai government regulations. However, India and Thailand will receive different versions of the car, and the Indian version will be focused on a balance of performance and price rather than fuel economy.

The Thai Brio will go on sale in March 2011, with a targeted price of 400,000 baht ($13,240 USD). As for India’s variant, pricing hasn’t been set, but we know sales will begin sometime next year.

Press Release

Honda Exhibits World Premiere of Honda BRIO Prototype, Honda’s New Small Vehicle Developed for Asian Markets at the 27th Thailand International Motor Expo 2010

Bangkok, Thailand, November 30, 2010 – Honda debuted the world premiere of a prototype of Honda BRIO, the new small-sized vehicle developed for Asian markets and scheduled to be introduced in Thailand and India in 2011, at the 27th Thailand International Motor Expo starting November 30, 2010 (press day: November 30, public days: December 1-12.)

Honda BRIO Prototype is being developed with Honda’s advanced technologies, while further advancing Honda’s “man maximum, machine minimum” concept*1. Being developed as a commuter which is easy-to-use even in urban areas, the Honda BRIO prototype adopts an easy-to-handle compact body (length 3,610mm x width 1,680mm x height 1,475 mm) while ensuring enough cabin space achieved by highly efficient packaging. With this vehicle, Honda thoroughly pursued the creation of an advanced exterior form, which is compact while asserting a strong presence.

For the mass-production model, which will be an entry-level car, for which demand is increasing in newly emerging nations, Honda will develop unique versions for Thailand and India to reflect different customer needs in those markets. Moreover, with this vehicle, Honda will leverage the resources Honda has cultivated through its motorcycle business and utilize local sourcing of parts and materials such as sheet steel.

For the Thai model that is scheduled to be introduced in March 2011, the fuel economy of more than 5liters/100km*2 will be targeted so that the vehicle will qualify as an eco-car by the Thai government, and a starting price of approximately 400,000 baht will be targeted as well. For the Indian model that is scheduled to be introduced within 2011, local customer needs for a small car will be reflected and local content will be increased to create a model that achieves a good balance between vehicle performance and price.

“Honda would like to expand the joy of mobility to more customers in Thailand, India and other Asian countries through the introduction of a new small vehicle with compact and highly efficient packaging by utilizing our own experiences cultivated by motorcycle business here in Asia,” said Takanobu Ito, President and CEO of Honda Motor.

Source: PaulTan via Autoblog

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