Global Vehicles USA hoping to begin Mahindra sales by spring 2011

Global Vehicles USA is hoping to begin sales of Mahindra’s pickup trucks by spring 2011, despite the ongoing dispute between them and Mahindra.

Don’t get your hopes up just yet though. “I’ve nothing to base [that date] on but my estimation,” said John Perez, CEO of Global Vehicles USA.  “Mahindra said the trucks would ready for sale by December 2010 but you don’t launch a vehicle in the U.S. in the winter. The best time to launch a vehicle in the U.S. is in September or October or March or April. That’s why spring would be perfect timing.”

Also keep in mind that Mahindra has terminated their deal with Global Vehicles, and now they’re battling things out in court. The court battle could last a while too.

“Arbitration could be another year before they listen to our case,” says Perez. “And everything is in the [federal court’s] judge’s hands. We don’t know when that will be.”

However, Mahindra does need to get those trucks out fast, as their EPA certification is only valid for 2011, expiring on December 31st, 2011. Many consumers who had hoped to purchase one are losing patience as well. We hope this will be resolved soon, so we can finally get our hands on these promising pickups.


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