Mazda rumoured to be working on extra-small CX-3 crossover

In recent years, we’ve seen the advent of tiny, and arguably useless, crossovers – the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 come to mind. But such machines aren’t exclusive to the Germans. The Nissan Juke and the Ford EcoSport are also examples of such cars, and now Mazda is rumoured to be joining the bandwagon with a car they’ll call the CX-3.

The car is expected to take on the same Kodo design language we’ve seen on the CX-5 and Mazda6, which I think many will agree is a good thing. Underneath the body, customers will be given the choice of a 1.6L SKYACTIVE diesel or 1.3L turbocharged gasoline engine. An all-wheel-drive option is unlikely, as most customers in this segment opt for front-wheel-drive.

This being Mazda, it is said that they will be making an effort to ensure the car is engaging to drive, with the steering and gearbox set up to be responsive and provide plenty of feedback. But perhaps of more interest to customers in this segment, they are reportedly working on a unique rear seat layout in which the rear seats fold flat just by pressing a button.

If the rumours are true, then expect to see this CX-3 unveiled early 2014, with sales beginning later that year. Prices are expected to start around 20,000 USD in the UK, and although the US typically sees lower pricing, I wouldn’t expect it to go much lower – the competing Nissan Juke starts at $19,990.

Source: Auto Express

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