What is the best car BMW has ever made?

BMW has been receiving some much-deserved scoffing from the enthusiast community in recent years. Just look at the abominations in their lineup today – the 5 Series GT and the X6 for instance. They’ve become obsessed with filling every market niche they can think of. But nevertheless, they have made some good cars. So that got me thinking – what’s the best car BMW has ever produced?

My choice would, without a doubt, be the E39 M5. With those slick looks that don’t set it apart significantly from the standard 5 Series, and a fantastic 4.9L V8 mated to a six-speed manual, this car was one hell of a sleeper. The handling was sublime, and the interior was extremely well-appointed. I still feel a whole world of comfort when stepping into the good ol’ E39. It really was the Ultimate Driving Machine, and although the latest M5 is a great car, the E39 still holds a special place in my heart.

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One thought on “What is the best car BMW has ever made?

  1. Dan F says:

    It has to be the Z8 – based on the the e39 M5. Gorgeous design, convertible, aluminum chassis, very distinct interior. It still looks as fresh as the day it was introduced.

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