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Michael Schumacher may return to Formula 1

Michael Schumacher, holder of an insane amount of Formula 1 records, including the most drivers championships won, may be returning to Formula 1 to race with Mercedes-Benz GP, previously known as Brawn GP, but now taken over by Mercedes, hence the new name.

Mercedes has done a lot for Schumacher. He begun his career racing sportscars there, and they helped him get into Formula 1. Now, Mercedes is giving him a chance to return the sport. They want him as their lead driver. Currently, Schumacher is under a contract with Ferrari, but BCC F1 pundit Eddie Jordan says “…I understand he was due to meet Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo with a view to him being released – and that it will be approved because it is in the interests of F1.” Strangely enough, I saw another article which seems to contradict Autocar’s, saying that he has been sacked from the Formula 1 team as advisor. Mind you, it also mentions that he’s still working with them in the road car department, so perhaps that’s the contract they are talking about.

Jordan told the BBC “I also believe Ross and Michael have spoken in recent times and that Michael likes the idea of driving a Mercedes run by Ross. It’s a mouth-watering idea,” and “Schumacher was bitterly disappointed he didn’t get to come back to replace Massa – he’s keen to race again. And this is a dream for both parties.” That, along with his past relationship with Mercedes, may mean that he’ll end up racing for them. I’d really like to see that. Alex had his doubts about Mercedes-Benz GP doing well next season, but if they get Schumacher on, perhaps that disadvantage will be evened out to create some close competition.

Source: Autocar and Mibz

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Video Special – Slow Motion Motorsports

Well, as I haven’t done too much for the blog since I joined in a couple of weeks ago I tough I might be able to pull something off by stitching together some slow-mo videos of various motorsports. After 2 weeks and big technical difficulties, it’s ready. All of it is motorsports except for the Top Gear shots with the Exige, Mustang, Aston & Ferrari. I was inspired by another bloke called Mattzel who some of you might know, has his video featured on TG’s website.

Please note there may be some problems at first due to the fact that the video is still new and click that HQ button!

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