Renault Considering Return to North America

Dacia Duster

Renault, maker of all sorts of nice cars like the Dacia Duster shown above, is considering returning to North America, after a 22 year absence.

Talking to Wall Street Journal, Renault’s Gerard Detourbet, head of the entry-level vehicles division, said that the Dacia Duster is a car which will influence this decision. He says that if the car does well in Eastern Europe and South America, Renault would consider giving it a chance in the US.

They won’t be entering with just one car though, like they did in late 1982 with the Alliance. They intend to have a whole family of affordable vehicles. Besides the Duster, the Renault Logan is another car which could be part of this line-up. Both cars will likely be changed for the US market though.

Renault is also considering an appearance in Southeast Asia.

I’d love to see Renault here, providing that they bring cars such as the Twingo RS and Clio RS.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Autoblog

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