Why we need Group B back

This is a Lancia Delta. However, it isn’t what you think when you think about the Lancia Delta, is it?

Oh no, you think of the HF Integrale.

A collection of amazing Lancia rally cars, some spawned by Group B

The Delta Integrale took Lancia’s run-of-the-mill hatchback and turned it into something memorable, and we owe all of this awesomeness to Group B. The Group B regulations fostered some of the quickest, most powerful and sublime rally cars ever built. However, a series of major accidents, some fatal, were blamed on their outright speed.

Group B regulations also said that 200 road legal models had to be sold to the public, this rule gave birth to some of the best road cars ever including the Audi quattro and Ford RS200. Even Porsche had a go with the 959. The thing is, cars can do fast so much better than they could do when Group B was killed off. Technology has advanced considerably and cars are now safer. Imagine the possibilities if we brought Group B back from the dead, it could also be a tribute for all of those who gave their lives behind the wheel.

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0 thoughts on “Why we need Group B back

  1. But neither of those two Lancias ever raced in Group B as far as I know. It was only the 037 and the Delta S4 which took part in the action that was once called Group B rallying.

  2. Igor Magun says:

    I think he means that the Integrale road car was spawned by the Group B counterpart of the Delta.

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