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Audi shows off the phenomenal noise of the new RS6 Avant

If there’s one thing Audi seems to have been excellent at in recent years, it’s exhaust notes. The latest RS4 Avant sings one of my favourite automotive tunes¬†ever – in none other than a relatively unassuming wagon! So when I stumbled across this short video of the new RS6, I was pleased to find that Audi has got yet another hit on their hands.

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End your Saturday on a positive note with some great safety cars

Saturday has nearly come to an end. To some it may have been a very good day, and to others not so much. Whichever group you belong to, let’s end the day on a positive note with this photo of the unsung heroes of Le Mans – the safety cars. With the RS4’s throaty 4.2L V8, and the baritone 5.0L V10 of the S6, I’m sure these cars complimented the racecar noises wonderfully when called to their duties at the 2007 iteration of the race.

Image Credit: David Lewis (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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