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BMW M-what? Audi trounces the competition with all-new RS6 Avant

Fast wagons may be a dying trend for some manufacturers, but at Audi they’re tradition. Audi’s first two high-performance RS-cars, the RS2 and RS4 Avant, were only offered as wagons. And although they veered away from tradition thereafter, they’re back in the game with the all-new RS6 Avant. The best part? On paper, this car absolutely obliterates the competition.

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Automakers respond to my pleas, roll out lots of diesel goodness at LA Auto Show [UPDATE]

Just last week I wrote my plea for more diesel cars here in North America. If you haven’t read it, to make a long story short, diesel is awesome and we don’t have enough in North America. But it seems the automakers have been listening! The 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show has barely kicked off, and already there are three manufacturers planning to bring new diesel cars to this side of the pond. Let’s have a look at them.

UPDATE: We have official confirmation of the Mazda6 diesel, scroll down to the original information for more details.

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