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2010 World Car of the Year finalists released, top 3 to be announced in Geneva

The World Car of the Year jury has announced their top 10 finalists for 2010. The top 3 will be announced in Geneva, while the actual awards will be given out at the New York International Auto Show.

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Car of the Year Nominees: Part 4

This is the most important part of the nominees list. This where the the Car of the Year nominees are listed. It’s not the longest list of nominees, but choosing should be hard, as all the contenders are quite good ones.

Car of the Year

Yes, this is the big one. The best car of the year. This must excel in everything. It should be able to satisfy the little child in you, while taking you shopping and your children to school safely and comfortably. Price shouldn’t be too high either.

Volkswagen Golf: Great looks, plenty of practicality, comfortable and it’s good fun, especially in GTI form.

Mazda3: The new small Mazda is based on the Ford Focus so it drives brilliantly. It’s also cheaper than the Ford, it’s built with the same quality and it looks good.

Vauxhall/Opel Astra: As they did with the Insignia, Opel/Vauxhall broke tradition (one more time) with the new Astra, giving it a modern design.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Alex isn’t a fan of the styling but the new E-Class offers a very complete package combined with classic Mercedes quality.

There you are then. All the nominees are now out there. We’ll be working on picking out the best of the best to bring you the winners. We’re already running into arguments, so it won’t be easy and we can’t predict when the winners will be released.

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Mercedes' AMG considering use of alternative fuels

Mercedes’ AMG division is considering the use of alternative fuels, one of which includes diesel.

AMG’s product manager for the C-Class, E-Class, SLK and SL, Oliver Wiech, said that “We are taking an open view and looking at lots of options, but if you look at our announcement on the electric SLS, you can see what is in the future.” He did not exclude diesel.

So electricity as an alternate fuel is definitely on the way, while others such as hydrogen, solar energy, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are under consideration.

To back up the possibility of diesel, there were reports back in 2008 that by 2011, Mercedes would build a diesel AMG version of the E-Class. It was said to be called the Super Hammer. It was supposed to have a twin-turbo diesel developing over 500bhp and a whopping 900nm of torque. The chassis would be taken from the C-Class, but the body was said to most likely be from the E-Class, and would be offered in cabriolet and coupe form. It’s only 2009, so maybe this car is still on its way.

AMG has made a diesel before. Back in 2002, they made the C30 AMG, which was based on the Sport Coupe body. So they’ve got some experience.

Source: WorldCarFans (As well as this page there)

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Mercedes-Benz launches mbrace telematics system

Mercedes has launched a replacement for their Tele Aid telematics system called mbrace. It was developed together with Hughes Telematics. It will provide users with access to 18 different services.

Services include a vehicle locator, someone to direct you if you get lost, and the ability to order online. You can also pair the system to a smart phone, to do things like lock/unlock the car using your phone.

The system also has an automatic emergency service notification service to notify authorities in the case that the car is stolen or in an accident, a vehicle health check function which will provide live info to the nearest dealership (Presumably you can view this info as well), real-time weather and traffic reports, and to give it that Mercedes luxury touch, a concierge service that gives you 24/7 access to a customer-service representative who will help you make dinner reservations, book a hotel or order a flight.

It will be offered as standard equipment on all models except the GLK, C-Class, SLK and E-Class Coupe, though it is available as an option on these models. Subscription to the service is needed, and the first six months are free, but then it costs $280 a year, plus an extra $20 a month for the concierge service.

The best bit about it is that its fully upgradable, new applications can be easily installed as they are developed. Also, if you have a Mercedes with the old Tele Aid system, you can upgrade to mbrace at your local dealership.

Source: MotorAuthority

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