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BMW Concept Gran Coupe

BMW’s lineup has become a bit weird recently with that 5-series GT and X6 things. Imposing as they are, there are simply created to fill a niche that doesn’t exist. However in Beijing, they decided to release something that’s much better and unbelievably more worthy of carrying the 5-series GT badge: the BMW Concept Gran Coupe

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Bufori BMS R1 Makes Debut

Some time ago, I talked about the Bufori CS, a car being worked on by Malaysian manufacturer Bufori. The racing version, called the BMS R1, made it’s world debut at the Macau GT Cup earlier this week.

It did fairly well, advancing from 28th place to 23rd place in a matter of 3 laps. The driver was Alex Yoong. Best lap time was 3:00.388. It looked like it could place up high, but later in the race, a piece of debris flew into the car and jammed the throttle, ending the race for Bufori. They plan to further improve performance.  They will be working on improving aerodynamics, reducing oversteer and increasing power.

As for looks, the front looks quite nice, much better than the pictures of the road version released a while back, and the rear end isn’t too bad, though it looks like a bit of a Ferrari 550 Maranello rip-off.

So they’ve done a good job on the race car by the looks of things, but if those previous pictures are anything to go by, the road car won’t be a looker, though the underpinnings might compensate. I’ll make a final judgment when the car is unveiled at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. The BMS R1 will also be there, presumably some of the updates they want to do will be done by then and it’ll look a bit different.

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