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Audi Working on New Supercar

The R8 V10 is Audi's current range topping supercar, but this could change

Reports are saying that Audi may be working on a new range-topping supercar, something even faster than the R8 V10.

The car would use the same platform as the upcoming replacement to the Lamborghini Murcielago, known as the Jota. Unlike the Jota though, which will be using a V12, the Audi will use a V10 developing around 600hp.

This platform is expected to be based on the platform of the R8, but heavily modified. The car will have plenty of carbon fibre bits to keep the weight down, and a dual-clutch transmission for very quick shifting.

The name used may be the R10. This would be fitting, as the R8 used the name of the old R8 race car, and with the R10 TDI now out of racing, or at least out of Audi’s team, this would follow that same naming pattern.

This R10 will be longer and wider than the R8. Since the underpinnings will be from the Murcielago replacement, expect something about as big as the Murcielago. The car will come with Audi’s quattro AWD system as standard.

It is said that prototypes are already going around the Nurburgring disguised as Lamborghinis, but the car won’t be released until at least 2012.

Source: MotorAuthority

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